Made for GameJam+
A demonic woman from the Caribbean Brazilian folklore comes back to hunt the drunk men of modern day Brazil. But there's a problem- despite looking like a young, attractive woman, she can't hide the sound of her goat-like satanic legs, unless she walks on the soft grass. Will you be able to hunt down the drank without being discovered?  

Our team choose to follow the theme of Retelling A Tale, going back to the tall tales of one of Brazil's most dominant ancestry. We used the AIs of Stable Diffusion and Dream by Wombo to make the art and made a dynamic music track to reflect the danger in your current state.

Team: MisoJam


  • Retelling A Tale
  • Easy to play, hard to be good


LaDiablesse.exe 25 MB
LaDiablesse.dmg 43 MB
LaDiablesse.x86_64 26 MB


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Hey, I can't figure out what the goal is? Am I trying to get to the big guy or avoid him? What is the narrative incentive?

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You should get to the drunk (big guy) and catch him, without getting discovered by other people on the way. This follows the story of a mithological creature La Diablesse who would catch violent drunk man.
Thank you for your feedback, I can see now that the goal is indeed not clear, unfortantly by the laws of the jam we are not allowed to modify the game :/