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Cut your own tangram puzzle shapes to fit into a shoe in this chaotic and macabre take on the original story of Grimm's Cinderella.

The game was done as part of the Public Domain Game Jame 2015.

Team members:

  • Ohad Reshef
  • Shir Hadar Oz
  • Alon Lipelis
  • Ido Adler

Music by incompetech:


both found in dafont.com

Techincal Support Credit:

  • Jonathan Anton Goorin
  • @Gritfish (Jam manager)

Source: https://github.com/idoadler/princessize


princessize.exe.rar 27 MB
princessize.x86.rar 29 MB
princessize.app.rar 28 MB
princessize.apk 36 MB

Also available on

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